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Protect Your Assets

Pubished by Kimberly wells on 27/07/2020 @ 10:00amEST

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Cybersecurity and You

Kimberly Wells

Kimberly Wells

Marketing & Public Relations Specialist

Welcome back to another Gyroscopic Blog! If you're new here welcome! This week we're going to be discussing the importance of cybersecurity and implementing cybersecurity in your business.

Every couple of months we hear about a disastrous security breach that an IT department didn't catch a gap in their security. Making new changes to your security can be overwhelming at the moment however, there are ways to avoid this. Set up your systems with proper security protocols to ensure that you and your client's information are safe. 43%(edgepoint learning) of cyber attacks are on small businesses and of those small businesses 60% go out of business within six months following an attack. The average cost of a data breach per client record averages $225. If you stored 100 client emails a data breach could cost you $22,500.


Invest in property data security. Do you want to make sure all of your information and documents are stored in a secure server that is hard to get into? In a recent survey from entrepreneur.com, 81% of executives admitted that a lack of cybersecurity compromised their business over the last two years.

If this can affect large corporations you can imagine the damage that it would do to a small business like yours. Take the steps to prevent this from happening and be proactive instead of reactive.

  1. • Automatically patch everything
  2. • Securely configure devices
  3. • Enable security software
  4. • Used strong user authentication
  5. • Back up and encrypt data
  6. • Secure outsourced IT services
  7. • Secure your website
  8. • Secure portable media


Your business can actually become certified through CyberSecure Canada. This works great if you're a solo premier or even looking to understand cybersecurity more. It is developed by Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to improve your cybersecurity knowledge. To be eligible you have to meet the following criteria

SME (max. 499 employees) Owned and operated within Canada Edgepoint Learning Photo credit: https://www.edgepointlearning.com/blog/cyber-security-training/

You can go to the Get Certified page to find more information on how to participate. The government of Canada also offers Free cybersecurity online modules. These modules provide businesses with the knowledge and resources to: Identify the cybersecurity risks and threats Identify and implement the most appropriate cybersecurity best practises for their business Define opportunities to improve and manage the cybersecurity and resilience

You can access the modules here


Any employee that needs to use a computer needs cybersecurity training. You have to create an effective cybersecurity training module for all employees. And because there's always a new threat coming out your cybersecurity training should be on go in and constantly changing to adapt.

Edgepoint Learning Photo credit: https://www.edgepointlearning.com/blog/cyber-security-training/

1. Executive Buy-In → The cost of cybersecurity is worth the ROI when it comes to protecting your customers, their data, and your company’s proprietary information. To appeal to the decision-makers pull together some important stats the decision-makers will want to see. (Numbers are important!) So pull together the stats of the cost of cybersecurity training versus how much it would cost to rebuild your reputation and customer base after a breach of security

2. What Do Employees Know? → Before you start your cybersecurity training plan and make sure you do a questionnaire to figure out just what you’re working with. How much do your employees know about cybersecurity? Work with your cybersecurity developers to evaluate different levels in the program based on employee awareness.

3. Always be Training → When you onboard new employees make sure they are trained with your company-wide cybersecurity training so there is an understanding of how to protect information. This also helps you learn about your new employees level of awareness and allow you to tailor the train and based on their needs and understanding.


If it's time to think about cybersecurity and your company get in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Also, make sure to check out the free resources that were listed above and see how they can fit your small business needs