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Meet The Team Series

Pubished by Kimberly wells on 05/06/2020 @ 2:40pmEST

Gyroscopic Inc.

Andrew Smith: Full Stack Developer

Kimberly Wells

Kimberly Wells

Marketing & Public Relations Specialist

Welcome to the first Gyroscopic blog! We think the best way to start is by introducing our amazing team to the world. We wanted to highlight all the wonderful human beings behind all the amazing technology we have been able to provide to our clients! Who better to start with than our very own, Andrew Smith!

Andrew is one of our full-stack developers here at Gyroscopic and has been with us for six months as a full-time employee. Andrew joined us originally as a co-op student during his last term at Trent University. Andrew went to Fleming College for three years prior to his time at Trent and studied Computer Engineering before transferring to the workforce.

His first real project was with a software company where he was a part of a team to develop an application that helped his client stay on task and manage their projects more efficiently. It took around two years to develop and Andrew loved every minute of it!

I was able to interview Andrew over a Google Hangouts call, our team is working remotely from the comfort of our homes right now due to COVID-19. He had a lot to say about his experience working at Gyroscopic and the current projects he’s working on.

Question: What were the most important skills you learned during this project?

“In non-developer terms, I learned how to create an application that worked. When you’re in college what they teach you is mainly theory so having the opportunity to take what I learned in all of those lectures and successfully develop an application was rewarding. I was able to learn things like how to deploy an application over a server so it can be used”.

Andrew has always had an interest in technology since he was a kid so it was a no-brainer for him to get into web development and creating applications. In high school, he started by creating websites for family and friends to test his skills and learn new things.

Question: What do you find the most interesting about working in the tech industry?

“The thing I find remarkable about it is that these problems can be solved by just sitting down at a keyboard. I just sit down with my ideas and articulate them in a way that a computer can understand and I am able to create something from nothing. Something that people can use and interact with, something that solves their problem. I find it fascinating and the whole process rewarding”. There’s a whole process of growth that you go through when tackling a new project. With every project you take on and complete, you learn something new and you become better because of it.

Question: You said before that when you’re in college you primarily learn theory. What advice do you have for first-year students who are interested in the tech industry?

“The advice I have is to do a lot more training outside of college. You’ll need to learn more technical skills. Knowing the theory is great but having the skills to apply that theory and create something that people can use is what you really need. Take on your own personal projects and test the waters. Make it a goal to learn something new every week and build your skillset. There are so many resources for you out there you just have to be willing to put in the work and become a better developer. Learn the practical stuff immediately, it will benefit you in the long run”.

What differentiates Andrew from other developers is that he enjoys learning new things and taking new courses. From different types of programming, algorithms & data structures to understanding how the internet works, Andrew is always looking for a new topic to learn!

Andrew has been a great addition to the Gyroscopic family and takes joy in working on new projects and solving problems for clients. His latest project has been one for an organization called Cambium Inc.,

Cambium Inc. is an environmental & geotechnical engineering firm. They have multiple offices located in Peterborough, Barrie, Oshawa, and Kingston. They help governments, corporations and community business initiatives and provide solutions that are environmentally sustainable. They consult and help with services in environmental, geotechnical, building sciences, and construction monitoring. Some of the services they provide are environmental site assessments, ambient air quality monitoring, environmental management & planning, playground inspection, and soil handling.

They’ve collaborated with Peterborough Utilities Inc.,The City of Orillia and Ontario Clean Water Agency doing a wide variety of projects from dam expansion to communal water optimization studies.

Question: Can you tell us a little bit about this project and what the Gyroscopic team has been doing?

“For this project, we have to make a Laboratory Information Management System (aka LIMS) that will aid in automating their testing laboratory's tedious manual processes with a custom lab management platform.

The actual system is for concrete testing, they have field techs who go to construction sites to test the concrete and see how robust it is. Then a sample is taken and various breaks (breaking the concrete) are done to measure how much pressure it takes to break down the concrete.

The system we’re creating tracks the sample through that process. In simplest terms, users input information, that information is displayed on the dashboard and then reports are generated and reported back to clients. So far there have been no hiccups in the project and things are running smoothly. The project still has a few more months until completion but with no hiccups so far (fingers crossed!) the team will get it done on time.

Question: Last question, where do you see yourself and Gyroscopic in a few years?

“I see myself still learning new things about myself as a developer. Each project we take on there’s a new problem to solve and that gives me the ability to be innovative with the way I come up with solutions. I love what I do and I love the team I work with. Everything is collaborative and everyone is open to feedback and discussion. It’s the best environment for learning.

I also hope that in the future I can lead teams. With all the knowledge I currently have and have yet to learn I believe I can successfully lead a team in creating an application. We’ll see what the future holds!”

If you want to learn more about our amazing team stay tuned for more blog updates! We have a wonderful team and can’t wait for you all to meet them and hear what we’ve been up to!