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Pubished by Kimberly wells on 15/06/2020 @ 11:30pmEST

Legendary Coaching

Business Team Training: Legendary Coaching

Kimberly Wells

Kimberly Wells

Marketing & Public Relations Specialist

Welcome to another Gyroscopic blog! This week we interviewed one of our clients to get their feedback on their experience with us

I had the opportunity of having a phone interview with Ryan Smith from Legendary Coaching and got his perspective on working with the Gyroscopic team to develop an app to improve their client experience.

Ryan Smith is the product director over at Legendary Coaching and he oversees the organization’s services. He helps develop their products and is also responsible for post-development servicing. Ryan also coaches clients in leadership, runs workshops and offers 1:1 classes. He’s a jack of all trades!

We love working with small business owners and had the privilege of developing a coaching app for Legendary Coaching. They needed an app developed to make coaching more accessible to new clients and to nurture their existing ones.

Question: Can you give a bit of background information about Legendary Coaching?

“We do leadership and communication coaching for businesses & individuals. The main services we offer are 1:1 coaching, public or private workshops, and customer retreats. Everything we do is based on helping build better people and organizations altogether. We equip people with leadership and teamwork skills to work better in their workplace, get along with colleagues and lead their people better”.

Question: What is your role at Legendary Coaching?

“My official title is product director. As you know in many small businesses you have to wear many hats. I wear many hats. I’m responsible for the development, maintenance & delivery of our products. I’m the one building the structure, the sales pages, going through our content and making sure it fits with the brand. On top of all that, I do coaching and deliver workshops and 1:1 sessions with clients”.

Legendary Coaching provides fun team-building experiences and coaching modules for business owners looking to understand their employees better.

Question: What was one of your favourite retreat experiences?

“We can do up to a 3-day retreat experience. One of the most memorable ones I can recall was at Deerhurst Resort. It was for an engineering firm. One of the activities we had them do was build a boat out of cardboard and duct tape. It had to hold 2 team members and float across the pool. It was funny, and they managed to do it because they’re engineers!”.

We’ve also done escape rooms to teach them [team members] about their personalities. Escape rooms are where employees learn how they handle situations under stress. We are all about finding the right activities and games to pull out different behaviours from employees”.

Providing valuable experiences and nurturing client relationships is important to Legendary Coaching! They enjoy seeing their clients have fun, establish new skills and come back for more workshops. They give people the tools they need to become successful leaders.

Question: What was the problem you needed Gyroscopic to solve?

“The field of coaching is not known for being the most progressive in utilizing technology and it’s more expensive. There was a huge gap that we needed to fill between price and accessibility. We wanted to have an opening where people can enter at a lower price point, get good coaching, and team training experience from an online app. Gyroscopic came in and helped us build an app for that and it was at an affordable price. We would not have been able to pull off this project without their help”.

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Question: How has this app benefited Legendary Coaching?

“It was great that we were able to reach another demographic and it also benefits our existing clients and we can give them ongoing support. We’re able to help companies with their onboarding experience and add value to the relationship. You want long-lasting relationships with your clients and you have to nurture them into coming back for more training. This app holds them over until the next big event through ongoing support. Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone in the same room at the same time. Some companies don’t have that luxury and this is a great tool to get everyone in the room”.

Question: What was your experience working with the Gyroscopic team?

“It was a great experience, and the ongoing support was great - we had back and forth conversation the whole way through. They responded quickly, they were able to pivot quickly and make changes easily. I like how they had great ideas design-wise. They weren’t just technical they were creative too. They were a friendly team to work with. They have a great perspective on what small businesses are facing and what they need, and they can put themselves in their client’s shoes. They understand low cash, non-established timelines. It was a bonus that they were able to understand those things".

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